Halloween Plants and Flowers for Your Home and Office

Halloween is right around the corner! However, decorating your home or office for Halloween doesn’t have to mean going all out with skeletons and spiderwebs. If you’re looking for a way to bring the colors of the season into your space, there are several attractive plants with red, orange, yellow, and brown hues. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our top choices for autumn. 


Marigolds are known for their beautiful, golden yellow flowers. An annual plant, they are pretty forgiving to novice plant owners and can be grown indoors if given enough sunlight. When grown outdoors, they complement other plants in the garden and can act as a “cover crop” to reduce root knot nematodes. They also provide visual interest when included in an indoor arrangement with other flowers and plants. There are several different varieties of marigolds so if you need help selecting the perfect plant for your space this fall, give us a call! We offer ongoing plant care services as well to help your plants continue to look their best. 


We love crotons around here! Among the most beautiful and colorful of indoor house plants, crotons are native to Oceania and Southeast Asia. Their leaves range in color from green to red or brown, with every warm shade in between. They are a perfect choice for autumn, though their beauty can be enjoyed all year round. Crotons are easy to grow, though they do require a lot of sunlight and some ongoing care. If you have questions about caring for your crotons or any other plant, feel free to reach out anytime. 


Kalanchoes are a type of tropical, succulent that bloom year-round with red, orange, or yellow flowers. Like most succulents, kalanchoes are hardy and easy to keep. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that, while the kalanchoe likes plenty of sunlight, indirect light is best to keep it from burning. That and be sure to not overwater them. One important note: kalanchoes can also be toxic to house pets like cats and dogs so use caution if you keep these plants in your home. 


Did you know that daises come in colors other than white? There are naturally occurring orange, red, and yellow varieties of daisies, in addition to practically every color in the rainbow! If given enough sunlight, daisies can be grown indoors though they do like full sunlight. They also make a great addition to any fall flower arrangement!

Want to spruce up your space with some fresh plants and flowers? Click here to learn more about our indoor plant service. We will create a custom proposal and design for your space, install your new plants, and then support with ongoing regular care appointments. We’d love to help you bring more beauty to your space this fall so give us a call today!


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