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How We Help You Visualize Your San Diego Landscape Design Project

Happy New Year to all our friends and clients at IEE Designs! We’re excited to head into another year doing what we love – helping people transform and beautify their spaces.  With over 24 years of experience, we have our process dialed in to help you easily visualize how the changes will look in your yard once complete.  Here’s how we do it:  Our First Meeting  During our first meeting, we get to know you and what you’re hoping to achieve through our work together. Some of our clients want to install a pool, add more space for entertaining, or just do something practical with an odd-shaped lot. Whatever your goals, we are here to make them come to life.  We sit down to understand your vision, budget, and any special needs or accommodations you have. Our conversation is equal parts strategy and education. Sometimes what you had in mind won’t fit your budget or space, so we work with you to devise an alternative.  The Visuals  After our first meeting, we bring all the ideas together to